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Big Announcements

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the next couple of weeks/months!

Not just because of spring. We will be rolling out so many new beneficial things to this website that will help us all be successful in our gardens. Major upgrades are coming soon.

From Seed to Dinner Table- This page has already been created and is under construction. I will be using this page for us all to share canning, preserving, and storage methods used in saving our harvested crops for year-round usage.

There will also be a place for us to share our recipes from straight out of the garden, as well as recipes for making things homemade and from scratch.

Non-Profit Status- I will be working very hard in the background on everything over the next several months to officially turn London's Priorities into a Non-Profit Organization. It's literally a dollar amount hurdle I will overcome no worries.

Donation Gardens- I will be adding 12 new 5ft X 15ft gardening plots this year. These plots will be used for donating 100% of the produce to the elderly on fixed incomes, and low-income parents in my area. I greatly understand that so many people are physically unable to garden, don't have areas to garden in, low income, and work constantly to pay bills, etc. I can't save the world through my gardening, but I can help feed people who need it near me. I will do many live events, tutorials, videos, from these plots from beginning to end. This will help new gardeners see what to do from the start to the end of the growing season/harvest.

I will be rolling out merch soon with our logo in the forms of hats, t-shirts, garden aprons, and garden planners to which 100% of the profits are put right into the donation gardens, supporting this website once it's upgraded, and other things that will be donated to our members in need program(something else I am adding! YAY!!) I NEVER want to profit from any of this. I want this site to always be free, informational, supportive, encouraging, and most of all packed full of plant-loving individuals. If you want to buy merch with our logo AWESOME, but you do not have to. I am providing this so if you'd like to help instead of just donating, you can buy something to have/use. I will still continue to do this all no matter if merch is sold or not. It's my passion and dream. I hope this takes hold and causes a movement. A movement where others get inspired, and reach out in their communities if able, and start their own donation gardens.

Once this website is upgraded that dreaded advertisement on top will not be visible. I don't have any plans for using this website for google ads or any of that mess. It just seems to distract people away from the information they seek and need. I want to keep it simple and clean. I hope after reading this you all get as excited as I am for what's to come!!! #takebackfood2022

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