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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I am working HARD to compile a list of the cheapest and free ways to get seeds, cuttings, and bulbs before we kick off this years growing season. I'll be searching the web for the best deals, sales, and my favorite FREEBIES. I'll also be adding materials to get started in with this list, and where you can find those materials cheap or again FREE online or locally. This list will be ongoing, meaning I'll update it regularly with additions.

Please feel free to comment, message, or email me with suggestions or things you think should be added to the list. If you want to post affiliate links to products you've actually tried, tested, and got results with; I am open to that idea as long as you email it to me first for approval. If it hasn't been approved it will be deleted. I want the opportunity to investigate the link first, and approve that it is a safe link. I also do not want to be flooded with multiple comments of the same type of product with links. Lets keep it fair. Once one affiliate link or link is posted for a certain product, from a specific store, that will be the only one allowed. If its a link for a cheaper version at a different store, I will allow those. I want to prevent this site from being covered in ads/links. I can and will be adding a group and forum for anyone selling anything garden related. I just don't want the main feed of vital information bogged down with links and ads. Thanks in advance!

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