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  • Combo of Durability and Naturality: the dishwashing and scrubbing pads for kitchen cleaning are made of natural robust sisal, no BPA, derived from coconut shell and agave plant, safe for your family
  • Tough in Material But Gentle in Touch: the sisal cleaning scrub pads not only give your dishes a nice cleaning but are also gentle on your hands; Made from tougher materials, these natural cleaning pads are designed to last you longer
  • Remove Grease and Dirt: these non scratch scrubbing pads yield nice results in eliminating grease and dirt without causing harm to your utensils or surfaces or overworking yourself, ideal for fighting most types of grease and grime and making your cleaning experience a breeze
  • Embrace the Versatility: the natural scouring pads are not just limited to kitchen use but can also tackle other household cleaning tasks efficiently, whether it's the bathroom, living room, kitchen or even outdoors

All Natural Coconut Fiber Scrub Pad Pack of 3