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Our Blue Andalusian project coop has become a passion of mine. This breed is rare, however as you can see pictured above with my rooster, I still have quite a bit of work to do. I am now working on my 3rd generation of this breed on my homestead and have been consistently soft culling out all hens that present the gold or splash plumage traits, as well as any cockerels that display the same. This will help me better establish an all blue male without any leakage or splash traits. At the same time I am diligently practicing selective breeding by breeding only blue to blue which produces 50% blue,  25% black & 25% splash offspring. That is also the ratio you should expect from my hatching eggs. Chicks will be sold in all colors from this coop as well. These birds are docile, however they do prefer space and are some of my best foragers. They also seem to be more alert of predators than any other breed I currently own.  This project breed is laying a variety of white and very pale cream eggs currently, but my goal is to achieve all white eggs as true pure Andalusians lay. They usually start to lay around 5-6 months old and lay roughly 160 eggs per year. 


*hatching eggs: Here on our homestead we run test hatches rather frequently. Those test hatches on our BlueAndalusian Project breed has yielded us with a 95-100% hatch rate.


I offer half dozen and full dozens for fertile hatching eggs on this breed. These can be shipped or for local pick up . If shipped please read the info below or refer to our tips on incubating shipped hatching eggs. FOR LOCAL PICK UP USE THE CONTACT ME FORM TO PLACE ORDER. 


If you are ordering hatching eggs to be shipped or local pick up, please do understand you fully accept the risk that comes with hatching eggs. We can not guarantee vitality or the same hatch rates we see on our homestead for shipped or local pick-up eggs due to the many factors that could happen when those eggs leave our homestead. All hatching eggs are gathered within 3-5 days to ensure the best vitality possible.   The USPS is the only provider that ships eggs in the US. These would be shipped using priority mail and should arrive within 3-4 days from the date you receive your tracking number & cost between $25 per shipment on both 1/2 dozen and full dozens (up to 2 dozen max can be mailed together at a time).  Post office handling and unexpected shipping delays are out of my control once hatching eggs or chicks leave my homestead. I do my absolute best to package these eggs well however sometimes these shipments can be damaged in transit or the air sacs within the eggs may become detached. Please refer to our tips on incubating shipped-hatching eggs  (scroll to the bottom) to help maximize your hatch rate. Due to the unpredictable nature of handling by the USPS or post office, and different incubation methods used by others, our hatching eggs are non-refundable and all sales are final. 


Chicks are unsexed and sold as straight run.  Shipments for both chicks and hatching eggs are only sent on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


*Chicks & fertile hatching eggs are only sold in sets of 6 or more when shipped, but if for local pick up I am a lot more flexible.  Shipping on chicks is a minimum of $60.00 per order of 6-12 chicks, $75 for 13 or more chicks.  All Live chick shipments will come with a tracking device as an additional way to keep track of the live birds on top of regular USPS tracking. This tracking device will come in a prepaid self-addressed envelope to be mailed back upon receipt of the live bird order. If the tracking device is returned within 7 business days, you will be refunded $10 of your shipping cost via the same payment method you used to place the order. If you fail to return the tracking device you will not be reimbursed $10 in shipping cost. 

Here on our homestead, I have yet to have a chick fail to thrive in over 3 years. Reimbursement will only be considered for the loss of life of a chick if it happens within 4-6 hours of pickup or delivery (USPS Tracking time stamp of delivery) and you have reached out to me within that time frame. I am unable to guarantee your living situation for these chicks, or proper care once they are out of my possession. If you have a chick that shows signs of failure to thrive or loss of life, you have approximately 4-6 hours to contact me to receive reimbursement for the chicks in question, and I reserve the right to either reimburse in the form of a refund, or replacement of the same or different breed for chicks that fail to thrive or loss of life. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON HATCHING EGGS OR CHICK ORDERS IF USPS FAILS TO DELIVER ON TIME!!! THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF MY CONTROL!! IF NEVER DELIVERED, OR SEVERELY DAMAGED (LOSS OF OVER HALF OF THE EGGS), A REFUND CAN BE GIVEN. 

Blue Andalusian PROJECT

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To increase your chances for success, clean and turn on your incubator a couple of days prior to the arrival of your hatching eggs. Be certain that your incubator is maintaining proper, consistent temperature and humidity for the kind of eggs you are hatching and for your type of incubator. Still air units will require a slightly different temperature than forced air units (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).When your eggs arrive, carefully unwrap the eggs and inspect them. Discard any broken or cracked eggs. Place the eggs to be incubated pointy end down into an egg carton or egg-hatching tray at room temperature for 24 hours prior to placing them in your preheated incubator. This “resting” period can greatly increase your chances of a successful hatch by allowing the air cell within the egg to settle back into proper position. This resting period is the same if you are using a broody hen as your incubator. Candle your eggs before placing them in the incubator to see if any air sacs may still be possible detached, if so incubate those eggs pointy side down and straight up for the first few days of incubation to help those air sacs settle back in place.