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When I first began London's Priorities Gardening Simplified, it was simply a place to share my passions about gardening with others. I would publish posts here and there on social media, but slowly found myself working on new ideas whenever I had a free moment. That’s when I knew that I had to jump into it full time.

I've been gardening a little over 20 years. My father got me interested in gardening at an early age, and all through out my childhood we made this an annual hobby. In October of 2021, my father suddenly passed away. I spent a few months isolated and with drawn from the world. I lost my best friend. I had a hard time finding joy in anything. Except gardening. I remembered all the amazing memories my dad, and I made through our love of gardening and animals. This inspired me. I wanted to still be able to share my gardening experience each year, and learn from others like I did him. That's when I knew I wanted to build this online garden community.

My goal is to encourage you to learn, try or just get inspired, while I provide tips, tricks and trends to help you along the way to simplify your gardening experience. Together we can build an online community of beginner/expert gardeners, to help teach, educate, and support one another. We are all feeling the ever rising prices of food and could all use the help. What better way than to teach each other?

 Oh, and be sure to like, comment and subscribe—it brings me so much joy to meet people who share my enthusiasm about gardening. I hope you’ll join the London's Priorities Gardening Simplified community.

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