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Chest & Muscle Tallow Body Butter- Made with 100% grass-fed beef tallow, lanolin, castor, & vitamin E oils, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Oregano, Spearmint, Peppermint & Mentha Piperita pure essential oils, & arrowroot powder. Our tallow body butter is rich in vitamins E, K, D, & A. Tallow is most like human sebum which is our body's natural oils. Tallow also contains some of the same fats & lipids that human skin does, contains collagen, and easily absorbs into the skin. The added arrow powder gives this tallow a very silky feeling & helps the skin to not feel greasy after applying. Our tallow butter contains lanolin & castor oil. Lanolin has been known to prevent water loss within the skin by 20-40%. Castor oil contains several fatty acids such as omega-6 & omega-9. It has also been known to have antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Our tallow body butters are amazing at keeping your skin feeling soft, healthy, and hydrated. Our Tallow body butter comes in a 6oz tin containing approximately 4.5oz net weight of tallow body butter. 


Chest & Muscles Tallow Body Butter

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