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2023 Gardening Planner!!

Updated: Jan 9

I have finally released my 2023 Gardening planner!

I have spent the last several months designing and creating a gardening planner that I would not only use but could share with others! I made sure to include some of what I considered to be the most important basic stepping stones into starting gardening to help simplify anyone's experience in hopes that more people will explore and love this hobby and lifestyle.

This planner is perfect for scatterbrains like mine. It's now my one-stop planner for everything gardening and the best part is; every year I can look back to reflect on my documentation, the weather, pests, products used, and methods tested, to see what I will be carrying into the next gardening season and what I may have to leave behind.

Currently, I have the printed paperback available on amazon.

I will be offering the digital and print-at-home versions within the next few days and will update this post with where you can purchase a copy.

*Edit 1/9/2023 Digital & Printable Versions out now!



  • Tips Before Starting a Garden

  • DIY Soil Composition and Ph test

  • Soil Amendment tips

  • Last & First Frost Dates for all planting zones

  • Plant Hardiness Zone map

  • Tips on figuring up the growing season for your planting zone

  • Seed starting log

  • Seed Starting Tips

  • Average Vegetable days to harvest for starting from seed

  • Gardening Goals for 2023

  • Planting by the lunar phases explained & tips

  • Full Year Calendar

  • Planting Tips

  • Companion planting explained

  • Companion planting examples & tips

  • Garden Layout Section to plan your garden

  • Monthly & Daily calendars for the full year

  • Lunar phases for each month

  • Seed Inventory worksheet

  • Seed Wish List worksheet

  • Gardening Budget worksheet

  • Fertilizer & Pest control trackers

If you have any suggestions for next year's planner, please let me know!