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DIY Compost Tumbler

Updated: Jan 8

So many people have asked me how I compost. With that, it is usually followed up with a question about how I feel about compost tumblers. Short answer, I love them. I have never slowed down long enough to make one, and we all know I am too cheap to buy one. This year I plan to change all that, and build this!

Last year while working for FedEx Ground, I discovered that one of my regular customers I delivered to was a bit of a homesteader. This couple fascinated me. Not to cause insult but visibly they both appeared quite a bit older than me and the husband was a triple amputee. As a FedEx employee, you are told never to enter the residence of any home you are delivering to. Most of the time while making deliveries the wife would be out of the home running errands, leaving the husband and Freckles the dog at home. The husband once asked me to bring the packages indoors. Of course, I broke the rules and went inside.

Through regular deliveries here I found myself excited to see this couple weekly, deliver packages, engage in conversation around gardening, and just in general learn from this couple. They had an amazing log home, garden, watering system, composter, the whole nine yards. It really inspired me because here I was half their age, all the ambition in the world, like why haven't I done more in my life to implement what they have. They had disadvantages that clearly outweighed mine, but It didn't stop them. I mean I adored them and their homestead that much. Finally, after many deliveries, I got brave enough to get plum nosey and I started asking them about their setups. We got on the subject of this DIY compost tumbler and I fell in love with it! I asked the wife if she could tell me how they built it. The very next delivery I made there she had this printed off for me, and ready to go. Until tonight I never truly gave any attention to where this document originated from. Now I feel silly I didn't find this myself. I am still incredibly grateful for her kindness and willingness to share with me. So now I want to share it with you!

compost tumbler blue prints
Download PDF • 85KB

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