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Gardening Books Worth a Read

This is a list of books I am currently reading, have read, or have saved for future reads.

Most of the time I resort to using my phone in the tub to read or my tablet so being able to download these straight to my devices is pretty handy. I started with a free trial with Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I ended up signing up for their monthly subscription because I love being able to preview and read a book before I purchase it. These are usually books I use rather often during the gardening year and are packed full of knowledge.

I broke these down by categories to better help anyone looking for a specific category in gardening. I always highly recommend anything permaculture, soil health, companion planting, sq ft gardening, and organic gardening. These types of books seem to always pack the most knowledge on easy ways to learn to work with nature in assisting her cycles of life versus working against nature.

I will also be updating this post soon to include my 2023 Gardening planner that will be launching in January 2023. This Gardening planner will be packed with tips, advice, facts, a calendar to assist with weekly/daily duties & reminders, a garden layout planner and so much more! Check back soon for a blog post covering this Garden planner and how you can own one!

Companion Planting for pest control & plant benefits-

Soil Health-


Organic Gardening & Permaculture-

Space management Gardening-