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Concrete Bathtub

 Natural Handmade Soaps, Skin Care, & Household Essentials

All-natural handmade tallow, goat's milk, & plant-based soaps, body butter, lip balms, and so much more! Made with natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Some of these are sourced from plant materials grown organically here on-site. Some are even made with fragrances and those are labeled as such to provide full transparency. Transparency of all ingredients is incredibly important to us as well as providing known benefits of each ingredient used all while keeping everything at an affordable price point. 

All products originally started out as homemade items for my household as a way to save money. Now I am creating natural, affordable, and homemade products for hundreds of people across the USA  all from my small urban homestead located in Hotsprings Arkansas USA!! Just check out our awesome reviews below each product. They truly speak for themselves. 

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